White Paper

Learn Why Private PaaS is Driving IT Efficiency & Innovation


““Using case studies from JPMorgan Chase, Diebold & others, we’ll help you understand the core drivers, the emerging patterns, and how you should consider PaaS within your enterprise IT strategy.””

David Linthicum, GigaOm Research

What You'll Learn

Private PaaS delivers a more effective and efficient way to build, test, & deploy business apps:

  • Build apps by leveraging next-generation application development technology
  • Couple the needs of the business with the ability to define and build business applications
  • Improve development operations (devops)

Benefits of Private PaaS

Private PaaS enables enterprises to:

  • Give developers the ability to deploy and manage apps via a centralized, self-service cloud platform
  • Utilize data center resources more effectively through automated management of server utilization
  • Build upon existing skill sets and investments while taking advantage of new management capabilities

Apprenda is the leading Enterprise PaaS powering the next generation of software-defined enterprises, disrupting industries & winning with software.

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