White Paper

Learn How Private PaaS Can Accelerate Your Enterprise Mobile Strategy

“"With Private PaaS, enterprise mobile development strategies can accelerate execution via a feature-rich shared services environment for back-end development."”

Private PaaS Delivers


  • Single instance multi-tenancy is one of the most important architectural qualities of cloud apps.
  • With Apprenda PaaS, multi-tenancy is¬†instrumented into the data layer of mobile back-ends.


  • Developers can enforce authentication on front-ends & API endpoints or weave authorization into mobile back-end web services with Apprenda PaaS.
  • This ensures that even unsecured mobile APIs can be brokered with secure access.


Achieving Enterprise Mobile


  • Apprenda PaaS enables near-instant scale out.
  • New instances of mobile back-end services update routing tables, ensuring that dispatched messages are load-balanced across instances.

High Availability

  • Apprenda automatically detects failures in mobile back-end service code, reviving web service instances elsewhere on the network to ensure availability.

Apprenda is the leading Enterprise PaaS powering the next generation of software-defined enterprises, disrupting industries & winning with software.

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