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How Apprenda can accelerate application time-to-market & reduce operational friction

“49% of large enterprises take weeks or months to get code complete applications into production.”

IDG Research Report, Bridging The Gap: 10 Considerations For Building The Application-Centric Enterprise

Topics Covered

In the vast majority of organizations – IT operations and line-of-business developers have to go through a long, tedious and manual process littered with inefficiencies. The traditional model involves developers and IT operations teams working in parallel to deploy either a new or updated version of an application. It is not uncommon to have either side waiting for the other before being able to proceed to the next step. Often, those delays extend for significant periods of time. 

This whitepaper will outline the pain points in the model which hinders a majority of large enterprises, and discuss the ways in which Private PaaS helps create an agile DevOps model by comparing the before and after process.

Enabling Digital Transformation

According to IDG, 7% of organizations can get code-complete applications into production within minutes, while wasting less than 20% of development time on non-functional requirements. Organizations achieve this level of agility by leveraging solutions like Private PaaS to significantly reduce the time it takes to get custom applications to market by automating key functions including:

  • Provisioning
  • Configuration
  • Compliance
  • Policy enforcement

Apprenda is the leading cloud application platform powering the next generation of software-defined enterprises, disrupting industries & winning with software.

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