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Understand The Business Drivers For Open Source Container Management

As Docker, containerd, and rkt containers become a standard tool for developers, organizations need to find a container management solution that developers can use to build cloud native apps locally yet can scale to become a global cluster managed by operations.

This paper explores the business drivers behind popular open source container management solutions – Kubernetes, Swarm, Mesos and, sometimes, Cloud Foundry. 

Common Use Cases

Cloud Native Application Deployment

The primary container orchestration project seen among organizations comes from teams of developers working
with operations to replatform an application.

Containers As A Servce (CaaS)

Most CTOs want greater agility and are looking to use Container as a Service (CaaS) to fulfill this promise.

Clusters For Big Data, Analytics, and COTS Frameworks

Hosting off-the-shelf applications and purpose-built container orchestration solutions is still in its early years, but it is a highly desirable future state.

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