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Learn How AWS & Apprenda Make Big Data, Backup, & Data Warehousing Easy

“"With Apprenda and AWS, developers receive the IT services they need on-demand, while operations maintains the control they require."”

Big Data, Backup, & Data Warehousing Made Easy

Apprenda and AWS can be configured as a hybrid cloud that provides line of business developers with access to Redshift data warehousing, Glacier backup, and Hadoop-based Elastic MapReduce (among others):

  • Your Big Data. Not ours!
  • Easily migrate existing applications to AWS
  • Turn applications into SaaS with Apprenda while taking advantage of AWS’ scaling, elasticity, and per hour pricing for resources
  • Utilize your existing tools—System Center, Visual Studio, Eclipse, VMware, etc.—for both AWS and Apprenda

Integrations: <br>AWS & Apprenda

Achieve hybrid cloud for big data, data warehousing, and backup with these Apprenda / AWS integrations:

  • Redshift: Data Warehousing
  • Glacier: Backup
  • Relational Database Service: (RDS)
  • Simple Notification Service: (SNS)
  • Simple Storage Service: (S3)
  • Simple Queue Service: (SQS)
  • Elastic MapReduce (EMR): Hadoop

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