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Learn How Enterprise IT Can Optimize Application Development Through a Shared Services Platform

“52% of large enterprises waste 2+ days per developer, per week on non-functional requirements related to application development. For these companies, more than 40% of the working week is being spent on tasks such as provisioning, authorization, high availability and scalability.”

IDG Research Report, Bridging The Gap: 10 Considerations For Building The Application-Centric Enterprise

Driving Digital Growth

A shared services container platform helps transform IT Operations into a highly-valued service provider and a partner to digital business. Here are several key ways:

Speed and Agility

  • provide line-of-business development teams with a friction-free experience for managing applications throughout their entire lifecycle

Business Continuity

  • A container platform’s responsiveness to degradation of services from app telemetry monitoring gives users the performance and SLA they demand


  • Map applications, infrastructure, and the costs of resource consumption

Empowering Application Development

With Apprenda, IT can empower application development and digital growth, while retaining control and governance:

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

  • Protect highly regulated data by defining and enforcing application deployment policies

Cost Reduction

  • Reduce CAPEX and increase data center utilization through defined resource policies

Apprenda is the leading cloud application platform powering the next generation of software-defined enterprises, disrupting industries & winning with software.

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