White Paper

How A Container Platform Supports Gartner's Vision for Bimodal IT

“We have a glut of technologies for greenfield Mode 2 application development, but a dearth of tools for Mode 1 legacy applications.”

Enterprise IT startups are doing it all wrong, InfoWorld

What You'll Learn

This complimentary whitepaper outlines five ways that a container platform supports Gartner’s Bimodal IT delivery model. Divided between Modes 1 and 2, it highlights how a container platform can transform “traditional IT” and how some often overlooked capabilities provide additional value to “agile IT” in the enterprise context.

Most platforms recommend focusing on “greenfield” Mode 2 IT. But Apprenda has a different idea. Get the full story in this whitepaper.

The Journey To Bimodal IT

Understand how a container platform can promote “agile” Mode 2 IT delivery, while helping to modernize “traditional” Mode 1, encompassing:

Mode 1

  1. Application Mondernization
  2. Enterprise IT Stack Modernization
  3. SDLC Process Modernization

Mode 2

  1. Data and Workload Compliance
  2. IT Eco-System Compatibility

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