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How Apprenda's Shared Services Container Platform Optimizes Enterprise .NET Capabilities

“Apprenda is the clear leader in the .NET Enterprise PaaS market…it was the first to market with its .NET Enterprise PaaS, and it is the most mature platform in the market.”

Richard Watson, Research VP, Gartner

Container Platform .NET Support

Gartner estimates that in 2017 85% of custom application within Global 2000 organizations are either based on .NET or Java software platforms. This suggests that to gain serious traction across the majority of enterprises and their application portfolios, any cloud application platform vendor must provide deep support for either .NET or Java-based applications and, ideally, both.

Deep support for .NET applications has been the “Achilles heel” of most cloud application platforms. Typically, they have deep support for Java workloads with only limited support for .NET or, when they do support .NET, it is only newer platforms such as .NET Core. This neglects the sizeable portfolio of traditional .NET workloads within most enterprises.

The Apprenda Difference

The Apprenda Cloud Platform (ACP) was developed with the enterprise in mind and (in addition to deep Java-based workload support) has the deepest and broadest support for applications based on the .NET framework.

This paper highlights five ways in which ACP optimizes an enterprise’s .NET capabilities and extracts additional value from related Microsoft-based investments.


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