White Paper

Learn How Apprenda Cloud-Enables Traditionally Architected Applications

“Enterprise cloud platforms have often fallen short on extending their capabilities to existing applications, where a great deal of efficiency and savings can be found.”

Sinclair Schuller

Chief Executive Officer, Apprenda

Topics Covered

Enterprises can extract significant value from adding modern cloud capabilities to the sizable portfolio of traditional applications they have accumulated over many years of application development. 

This paper highlights how cloud-enablement is implemented to traditional applications through three primary architectural mechanisms in the Apprenda Cloud Platform:

  1. Push Event Modifiers
  2. Bootstrap Policies
  3. Application Server Enhancements

Proven Results

Apprenda is the only enterprise-grade container platform on the market that supports both new and existing applications in a standardized way. The platform expedites time-to-market and improves  hosting efficiency of new applications, while allowing cloud capabilities to be added to traditionally architected applications (in the vast majority of instances) with minimal effort.

Enterprises working with Apprenda are seeing these benefits within weeks of setting up the platform. You can learn more about the impressive results in these customer success stories.

Apprenda is the leading cloud platform powering the next generation of software-defined enterprises, disrupting industries & winning with software.

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