When it comes to personal finance, TikTok might not be the first place you’d expect to find tips. But as America’s collective $16 trillion worth of consumer debt continues to rise, more viewers are turning to TikTok’s financial influencers or “finfluencers” for advice.

Finfluencers are simply creators who share their knowledge of financial topics on social media. Throughout this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 15 finfluencers worth following on TikTok and discuss the topics that each covers the most.

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1. Humphrey Yang

Humphrey Yang
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Humphrey Yang is a former Merrill Lynch financial advisor who Fortune once called “Gen Z’s finfluencer version of Warren Buffett.” Yang uses his TikTok account, @humphreytalks, and YouTube channel to share straightforward, digestible financial advice.

Yang has built a solid reputation by avoiding get-rich-quick schemes in favor of solid financial advice that anyone can understand. He focuses on topics like the best high-yield savings accounts or which bad spending habits to cut from your life.

2. Tori Dunlap

Tori Dunlap
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A self-proclaimed “financial feminist,” Tori Dunlap is largely known as one of the best female finfluencers on TikTok. She’s racked up over 2.4 million followers on her account, @herfirst100k, by empowering women everywhere to grow their wealth.

A self-made multi-millionaire, best-selling author, and podcaster, Tori Dunlap offers practical advice for women of all backgrounds. She’ll teach you how to earn more, budget, invest, and pave your way to financial confidence.

3. Mark Tilbury

Mark Tilbury
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When it comes to the best male finfluencers, Mark Tilbury deserves a spot at the top of the list. A self-made millionaire and entrepreneur with a delightful British accent, Tilbury’s account @marktilbury shares clips on building wealth.

Tilbury’s account and YouTube channel span a variety of topics, from how to start investing to which financial books are worth reading. If you’re interested in one day joining the millionaire club, then he’s got plenty of advice that can help get you started.

4. Taylor Price

Taylor Price
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Taylor Price aka @pricelesstay is a 20-something financial and self-help guru who first began pioneering the TikTok Gen Z financial literacy movement back in 2019. She’s since garnered over a million followers with her practical tips on how to make and manage money.

Whether you need tips on where to invest $100 or how to talk to your partner about finances, the “financial activist” has got you covered. Her fun, outgoing personality makes her a particularly good choice for younger viewers.

5. Seth Godwin

Seth Godwin
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If you’ve got questions about finance, how to buy a car, or both, then check out @seth.godwin. Seth “the Godfather” Godwin covers some basic financial topics, like the best investing platforms and the importance of a good credit score.

But what really sets him apart is his focus on auto financing. He’ll walk you through everything from the best cars to purchase to how to get the possible rate on them.

6. Tatiana London

Tatiana London
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With the right knowledge and strategies, real estate investing can be incredibly lucrative. Tatiana London, the CEO and founder of Londono Realty Group, offers great tips for getting started on her 2.8M strong follower account, @tatlondono.

Not only does Tatiana offer great financial and real estate advice, but she’s got a sense of humor you can’t help but fall in love with. There’s no topic she can't make more fun by incorporating a series of delightfully random objects.

7. Nick Meyer

Nick Meyer
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Nick Meyer is a certified financial planner (CFP) who delivers on his promise to “make personal finance fun” on his account @nicktalksmoney. Rather than delivering lessons directly into the camera, Nick illustrates them through skits in which he plays all the characters.

The only thing more impressive than his vast collection of wigs is the wide range of financial topics he covers. From tax strategies to investing, you can pick up a wide range of money saving tips and tricks.

8. Erika Kullberg

Erika Kullberg
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Much like Nick Meyer, financial lawyer @erikakullberg often presents her personal finance tips in the form of skits. Erika has earned over 9 million followers with videos that cover helpful legal advice on everything from what cops can’t do when pulling you over to how to get compensated if you’re bumped from an airline flight.

But she’s also got plenty of great insights on investing and personal finance. She’s even got a free 5 day passive investing challenge for anyone who needs help getting started.

9. John Eringman

John Eringman
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John Eringman’s account @johnefinance offers great advice on everyday personal finance topics. His topics span from how to be financially successful as a couple to how to track your monthly expenses.

But many of his videos center around money-saving hacks that can be particularly handy for combating inflation. Watch enough of his videos and you’ll start to develop the right mindset for thriving in any economy.

10. Sara Faraj

Sara Faraj
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Sara Faraj, better known as @sarafinance, is living proof that it’s possible to go from broke to $4 million by age 22. She now describes herself as both an “entrepreneur and mentor” who uses TikTok to help others chart their own course to wealth.

Sara’s videos offer a behind the scenes look at how she invests and the lessons she learned along her way to the top. If you’re looking for the best female influencers for entrepreneurial young people, she’s a solid choice.

11. Milan Singh

Milan Singh
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Milan Singh offers daily financial tips on his account @milansinghhh and has a lot of fun doing it. The California-based creator uses skits to deliver bite-sized personal finance tips on investing, saving, and more.

He also mixes in money saving hacks on topics like how to get free movie tickets or how to score a cheaper airline flight. You can also check out his website for resources or information on signing up for his personal finance course.

12. Breakyourbudget

Breakyourbudget Visit Site

Meet Michela, aka @Breakyourbudget, a former corporate financial analyst who is now on a mission to help young professionals. Whether you’re having trouble keeping your budget on track or want to start investing, Michela’s got you covered with a solid collection of tips.

While she tends to be popular among younger audiences, you’ll find plenty of great advice for viewers of all ages. Check out the Break Your Budget website for career templates and other great resources.

13. Austin Hankwitz

Austin Hankwitz
Austin Hankwitz Visit Site

Have you ever wished you had a friend that would sit down and explain complex financial topics step by step? If so, then check out @austinhankwitz, who is happy to use the occasional hand-drawn stick figure to help illustrate a point.

Austin has a great way of breaking down concepts into actually understandable language and even takes questions from followers. He’s also got some great tips for self-directed investing.

14. Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau
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Whether you’re still trying to wrap your head around cryptocurrency or are a seasoned investor, be sure to check out @coinbureau. The channel's two hosts alternate narrating videos packed full of crypto news, tips, and education.

Whether the duo is discussing emerging trends or discussing how to maximize your returns, their passion for the blockchain always shines through. Coin Bureau is definitely worth a follow if you’re looking for a knowledge source for the latest crypto news.

15. Alexis and Dean

Alexis and Dean
Alexis and Dean Visit Site

Last but not least, we have husband and wife duo @alexisanddean. Alexis often takes the role of interviewer, asking her financially savvy husband Dean investing questions.

Dean never fails to offer well-informed answers with plenty of insights. The couple’s style makes watching their videos feel like having an interesting conversation with two of your smartest friends.

Which finance influencer has the most followers on TikTok?

At the moment, Erika Kullberg leads the pack with an impressive 9.2 million followers. The rest of the creators on our list range from established personalities with millions of followers to new up and comers with several hundred thousand subscribers.

Finfluencer Handle Followers Niches
Humphrey Yang @humphreytalks 3.3 million Personal financeInvesting
Tori Dunlap @herfirst100k 2.4 million Women’s financial empowerment
Mark Tilbury @marktilbury 7.1 million Wealth building
Taylor Price @pricelesstay 1.1 million Finance tips
Seth Goodwin @seth.godwin 1.8 million Finance and Cars
Tatiana London @tatlondono 2.8 million Real estate investing
Nick Meyer @nicktalksmoney 1.1 million InvestingTax strategies
Erika Kullberg @erikakullberg 9.2 million InvestingFinancial Law
John Eringman @johnefinance 1.3 million Personal finance
Sara Faraj @sarafinance 733.6k Building wealth
Milan Singh @milansinghhh 2.8 million Personal financeSavings hacks
Michela @Breakyourbudge 842.8k Personal financeCareer advice
Austin Hankwitz @austinhankwitz 761.4k Investing
Coin Bureau @coinbureau 258.5k Cryptocurrency
Alexis and Dean @alexisanddean 666.3k Investing


Cheerful young man filming his video blog episode

Now let’s delve into several common questions about TikTok’s biggest financial influencers. We’ll also explore what a popular source of financial advice TikTok has become.

Who is the biggest financial influencer?

In terms of follower count, Erika Kullberg (9.2 million followers) and Mark Tilbury (7.1 million followers) are among TikTok’s biggest financial influencers.

Who is the richest finance influencer on TikTok?


While not all finfluencers disclose their net worth, Forbes recently broke down how much some of TikTok’s top financial experts could earn from a single sponsored post. Erika Kullberg came out in the number one spot with the potential to earn $7,040 per post.

Personal finance has become an incredibly popular topic on TikTok over the past few years, especially among Gen Z and millennials. Just keep in mind that not all TikTok finfluencers are created equal - make sure to do your research and stick to established and knowledgeable influencers.

Where does Gen Z get financial advice?

Generation z people

A recent Forbes survey revealed that almost 80% of Gen Z and millennials seek out financial advice from social media platforms. In addition to TikTok, younger adults often look for finance advice on platforms like Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram.

What financial firms are on TikTok?

Few major financial firms have really embraced the challenge of building a TikTok following. One of the only major exceptions is Fidelity Investments, which currently has 34.4k followers.

Do TikTok influencers make a lot of money?

mr beast money

The more followers TikTok influencers have, the more their earning potential. Top finfluencers can earn money by creating sponsored posts for partner brands or through monetization strategies like affiliate marketing.


We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know some of TikTok’s biggest financial influencers! No matter where you are on your financial journey, the right finfluencer can give you the information you need to take your personal finance goals to the next level.

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