“No other Enterprise PaaS we considered delivers the depth of Java & .NET capabilities in a single technology that Apprenda’s platform does. We licensed the technology because it perfectly fit our needs as a modern enterprise."

Matias Klein

VP, Intelligence Hub

"Apprenda is pivotal for enterprise cloud transformations. As cloud scenarios become more complex, companies like Apprenda are harnessing the power of the public cloud to help any business become a software company by transforming their data center into a policy-driven application delivery platform."

Garth Fort

General Manager of Enterprise Partners

“We needed a proven, enterprise-grade private cloud PaaS that could handle our scale for both .NET and Java. Apprenda is the only technology that could deliver on the Enterprise PaaS vision of savings and agility.”

Ian Penny

Former Global Head of Distributed Technology Engineering and Architecture

"Cisco’s INSBU partnership with Apprenda allows our customers to accelerate their digital transformation by combining security to enterprise applications development and deployment."

Farid Jiandani

Product Manager, Data Center Group

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  • Media and Analyst Praise

    “Apprenda was the first to market with its .NET private PaaS and it is the most mature platform in the market.”

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  • Media and Analyst Praise

    “Apprenda and Microsoft have tightened their ties….That means [enterprises] can deploy a full hybrid PaaS that bridges their own data center and Azure on day one.”

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  • Media and Analyst Praise

    “There’s another contender coming at PaaS from inside the enterprise: Apprenda.”

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  • Media and Analyst Praise

    “It’s pretty clear at this point that Apprenda is a significant piece of a larger PaaS puzzle [for] Microsoft.”

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    “Apprenda is definitely more focused on the present—and the past—than competing PaaS providers.”

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