GigaOM Pro | February 26, 2013

What PaaS vendors can learn from the application server market

Today I had an interesting discussion with the CEO of a popular Java application server on how the application server market has changed over the last few years. He mentioned that the traditional application server vendors are looking at ways to capitalize on the IP they’ve built over the last decade. It made me think of how many of these vendors are logically positioned to lead the PaaS revolution. Except Red Hat, no other Java application server vendor has invested in a PaaS solution. IBM hasn’t done much with the WebSphere in the PaaS world. The same is the case with Oracle, who currently sits on three popular application servers: WebLogic, GlassFish, and Tuxedo. VMware’s attempt to package Spring with vFabric and Cloud Foundry is a step towards that.

I also happened to read a post on comparing PaaS with application servers by Sinclair Schuller, CEO of Apprenda, one of the few .NET PaaS companies.