Press Release | March 11, 2010

VolunteerACT Application Built on Apprenda to Debut at SXSW®

CLIFTON PARK, NY –- VolunteerACT, a new application built on top of Apprenda’s Apprenda, the industry’s leading SaaS Application Server, will debut at SXSW Interactive tomorrow. The new SaaS application built by UVision Consulting creates a private workspace and outreach portal to help charitable organizations of all sizes, publicize their cause and organize volunteers, encouraging both collaboration and productivity.

VolunteerACT chose Apprenda to drastically reduce the anticipated time to market and handle the complex multi-tenant architecture needed to support the management needs of volunteer teams. Apprenda eliminates the difficulties of building and delivering software as a service by smashing significant technical hurdles like multi-tenancy and grid scalability, while at the same time providing out of the box application services like metering and monetization, billing and subscriber management, and much more.

“Evangelizing and communicating with volunteers to contribute their time, skills and effort to achieve a shared vision of common good is a great way to bring people together,” Omar Uddin, CEO of UVision Consulting, the development company behind VolunteerACT. “Apprenda let’s us do what we’re good at. We were able to direct our development efforts towards the functionality, design and features needed to support volunteer teams, while relying on Apprenda for all of the SaaS delivery specifics.”

Since 2004, UVision has inspired volunteer programs at local, state and national levels with its volunteer management web application called VolunteerNET. UVision has logged over 100,000 volunteer hours with national organizations like National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Marine Sanctuaries. Realizing the value of this solution for all organizations that rely on volunteer efforts, UVision created a web-hosted version called VolunteerACT.  Apprenda let UVision focus on the innovations of the application, driving charitable organizations to be more successful in their philanthropic missions.

Apprenda enables VolunteerACT to handle the types of management associated with the collaboration of volunteer work. From one central portal, VolunteerACT enables and recruits volunteers, manages events, assigns tasks, records time and achieves charitable goals for volunteer organizations of all sizes. VolunteerACT accelerates volunteer registrations by eliminating physical sign up sheets or distributed emails. Benefits unique to VolunteerACT enable organizations to:

Simplify social media engagement
Motivate followers to spread the word or become volunteers
Recruit, assess, reward volunteers
Hire qualified people into your organization
Increase grant awards and donations by reporting volunteer time contributions


About Apprenda

Apprenda is the creator of Apprenda, the industry’s leading SaaS Application Server. Apprenda solves the upfront and ongoing technical and business challenges of delivering software as a service. Apprenda provides software companies with zero-effort multi-tenancy and grid scalability in addition to “out of the box” application services like metering and monetization, billing and subscriber management, and much more.

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About UVision

The VolunteerACT web application was designed and built by UVision Labs, an IT consulting, product research and development business unit of UVision Consulting. As well as rapid development of innovative web applications, UVision Labs builds complex enterprise applications. UVision Labs studied volunteerism problems & the needs of coordinators and volunteers to create VolunteerACT  This ensures optimal usability and focuses on the end user experience & social media marketing to encourage greater participation and results, which is what the web is all about.

UVision Consulting is a collective of internet strategy and web technology experts focused on internet and interactive media technologies. As a recipient of a 2008 White House Award for partnership & support of public awareness campaigns for environmental causes, UVision Consulting and it’s founder, Omar Uddin, actively work with corporate and not-for-profit organizations to promote strategic alliances between the public and private sectors.

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