Entrepreneur | August 24, 2017

The Top 7 Cities Competing With Silicon Valley for Tech Entrepreneurs

Silicon Valley has long been considered the most viable option for starting a business or finding a job in the tech industry. Its reputation is largely self-affirming, though — as long as it’s seen as the hub of the tech world, it will be by virtue of attracting an abundance of startups and the top talent in the industry.

Silicon Valley’s reputation has been slipping lately, however, which could indicate that it will be surpassed as the foremost entrepreneurial hub in the not-too-distant future.

7. Albany, New York

Albany has worked to create an ideal environment for tech companies and employees, and as a result, the city has enjoyed 161 percent tech job growth over the past year. The local universities ensure that companies in Albany have a well-educated talent pool to draw from, and the state government has also created tax breaks meant to attract investment in the city and contribute to its growth as a tech hub.

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No doubt Silicon Valley will retain the highest concentration of tech companies in the country for a number of years, but the bubble is beginning to approach its bursting point. In spite of the hefty salary afforded to many of the area’s tech jobs, employees are unable to keep up with skyrocketing real estate costs. Fortunately, other cities around the country are recognizing the advantages of attracting tech companies and working to position themselves as ideal locations.