Ignite Upstate Beta | December 16, 2013

Tech Valley Company Apprenda featured in Forbes


Apprenda, a high-growth software development company in Clifton Park, north of Albany was featured in an article originally posted on November 27th on Forbes.com. The same article was just featured in the December 16th print edition of Forbes. It’s exciting to see major media outlets recognizing Upstate startups, though it’s not hard to see why. Apprenda just closed their third round of funding (a raise of $16m) “pumping its venture stake to $32 million and accelerating its staffing needs.”

It also isn’t hard to see why the company’s employees are attracted to the area. Adam’s article outlines a major advantage that us Upstaters know well – the cost of living is low and quality of life is high. While the top-end salary in California (for example) is $250,000 for a software engineer, Tech Valley comes in short topping out at about $130,000, according to Adams. But – and this is a big but – the cost of living is “less than a sixth of their California counterparts.”

Apprenda: The Anti-Silicon Valley Startup by Forbes staff writer Susan Adams