Sand Hill | June 3, 2014

Sand Hill 50 “Agile and Innovative” in Cloud

Cloud is all about agility and innovation. It is one of the key driving forces behind the incredible value that is being realized in the technology market today. The cloud enables and accelerates major markets such as Big Data, mobile and social. The cloud paradigm is shaking up every layer of the hardware and software stack; nothing is immune to this disruption including security, storage, networking, platforms, applications, management and even the virtualization layer. We are also seeing traditionally conservative vertical markets such as healthcare, automotive and manufacturing embrace cloud technology to leapfrog their competition.

Hundreds of companies are jumping on the cloud bandwagon and investors are once again pouring hundreds of millions of dollars. The Sand Hill 50 represents a unique set of cloud players that stand out from the crowd. We created this list based on the fundamental requirement of business value and an evaluation along the following criteria:

  1. Unique value proposition
  2. Ecosystem
  3. Investors and management team
  4. Customers
  5. Industry influence and buzz 

We chose not to consider companies that run multi-faceted businesses where cloud is but one area of their overall product or service portfolio. These include companies such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle and other equivalent large players such as Dell, Cisco, HP, EMC; telcos such as Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink; other large cloud vendors such as Amazon and Rackspace; and Linux vendors such as Red Hat, SUSE or Canonical.  The Sand Hill Cloud 50 represents a unique set of players of various sizes and hues that span SaaS, Paas and IaaS, security, storage and services spaces and that stand out from the crowd with a unique differentiation and value proposition.

Apprenda: Enterprise cloud development platform (PaaS) solution that can be hosted on any private cloud infrastructure. Focused primarily on improving productivity of enterprise developers and modernizing applications for the cloud world. Apprenda recently announced a major partnership with Microsoft for hybrid clouds. It is currently working with 13 of the world’s 20 largest financial firms, anchored by JPMorgan Chase & Co. The company is also strong in healthcare. Other customers include Honeywell, Diebold and McKesson.