InfoWorld | October 14, 2015

Review: Apprenda PaaS fills the .Net gap

The Apprenda private PaaS is both full-featured and flexible, supporting .Net and Java development and a wealth of deployment options

The ideas for the Apprenda PaaS came out of the financial services industry. The wide use of Microsoft technologies in that industry explains why Apprenda started with ASP.Net on Windows, while most other PaaS platforms were built on Linux.

Founder and CEO Sinclair Schuller explains that when he worked at Morgan Stanley, his group was constantly reimplementing the same set of services to support ASP.Net applications for analysts and financial consultants: HTTP and database scale-out services, role-based authentication, metering, monitoring, logging, security, server provisioning, multitenancy. When the group asked management whether they could write a reusable set of services so that the actual applications would take a month to develop instead of six months, the answer was no.

And Apprenda was born…