TechTarget | February 15, 2010

New Silverlight API for SaaS application hosting service

The age-old dilemma of form versus function is often settled by budget. When it comes to building Web applications, most enterprises will fret about making sure its software is functional and up to spec quite a bit more than it will about the user experience. In the .NET world, Silverlight can add a very rich experience to an application’s front end.

But reconciling a Silverlight front end with a multi-tenant, on-demand back end can add a good deal of work into building a SaaS offering. Users most commonly experience Silverlight as a single-tenant, client-side instance. A good amount of configuration goes into having apps built on this framework play well with scalable cloud environments.

Looking to remove some of that complexity, Apprenda Inc. of Albany, NY has just released a Silverlight API for its SaaS-enabling application server, Apprenda.