ITBusinessEdge | June 21, 2013

Multitenancy in the Cloud: Efficiency, But not at the Expense of Performance

…As BMC Software’s Giuseppe Nardiello pointed out recently, multitenancy is not a black-and-white world. There are many gray areas when it comes to management, customization and the role(s) that a particular data environment is expected to play. For instance, administration can be either monolithic across all tenant instances, or there can be degrees of flexibility for users to devise their own admin regimes. If it is the latter, will management features be apportioned manually or through an automated system? As can be imagined, the configuration of multitenant clouds will depend largely on its size, growth potential, how frequently workloads or even tenants themselves come and go, and a range of other factors.

Think of the multitenant cloud like a condominium where residents occupy their own living areas but share common infrastructure like stairways, hallways and a swimming pool. The main difference, says Apprenda’s Toddy Mladenov, is that in the cloud, tenants can choose to share resources in many different ways. There could be multitenancy strictly on the infrastructure level, or it could extend to part or all of the OS. It can also reach right into the application level, although this is costly and begins to erode the standardization of services that makes the cloud such a compelling alternative to the traditional data center….