SiliconANGLE | August 18, 2014

What You Missed in Cloud: Removing Barriers to Hybrid Computing

The hybrid cloud has never been higher on the industry’s to-do list. Vendors both large and small are lining up to tackle the many challenges of linking on- and off-premise environments, chief among them interoperability, which drew even more attention than usual last week after Apprenda Inc. joined the race for open leap transition

The fast-growing platform-as-a-service provider, which lists big corporate names such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Honeywell International, Inc. among its customers, is rolling out a new partner initiative called CloudOne Alliance aimed at creating a federated solution ecosystem not hampered by portability issues. The program shares many similarities with the OnApp Federation that launched in June, but doesn’t yet match it in scope, a disadvantage that Apprenda has partially offset by tapping industry heavy-hitters such as Citrix Systems Inc., Microsoft Corp. and CA Technologies Inc. as launch partners. Another major difference lies in the fact that OnApp Inc. is focusing on leveling the playing field against Inc., whereas the PaaS firm hopes to streamline application delivery at the market level.

And while Apprenda is taking the organic route to delivering interoperability, Nasuni Inc. is attacking the problem from a different angle with a cloud-integrated storage array that allows organizations to move data off-premise with a few clicks and manage it from the same place as their in-house hardware…