CloudAve | July 11, 2012

Microsoft, Apprenda And Service Providers – An Analysis

Microsoft yesterday announced that they will add Azure-like services including Virtual Machine hosting and website hosting to Windows Server. They also announced the availability of Service Management Portal and API (previously code-named as Project Katal). The ability to create high density scalable web hosting and run Windows and Linux VMs by tapping into Systems Center gives service providers an opportunity to participate in the cloud marketplace. The service management portal will allow them to offer self service provisioning of websites and VMs and the REST API will allow integration with billing components and other custom integrations.

Apprenda, which has been working with Microsoft for sometime now, also took advantage of service management API to allow service providers to offer private .NET PaaS targeting enterprise customers…

..This is a pretty interesting move from Apprenda, too. After they started supporting Azure along with the private clouds, Apprenda is making a move towards service providers who are in the Federated Cloud ecosystem. It not only allows Apprenda to expand their reach, it also gives service providers a .NET PaaS option that is not Microsoft or IronFoundry. Believe me, services providers are desperate for a PaaS strategy and it is not just Apprenda who saw this market need, Cumulogic (previous CloudAve coverage) is also reaching out to service providers. Don’t be surprised if you see a Federated Ecosystem of PaaS providers in the future. A move to service providers is vital not just for expanding the Apprenda reach but also for meeting the needs of enterprises who wants to “burst out” to hosted providers.