Redmond Magazine | July 12, 2012

Microsoft Adds Azure Services to Windows Server

Coming off last month’s announcement that its Windows Azure service will let customers run virtual machine instances, Microsoft this week took a step toward enabling third party hosting providers to build cloud service offerings running on Windows Server…

…Indeed, hosting providers are gunning to offer services that are compatible with Windows Azure and private clouds running Windows Server, said Sinclair Shuller, co-founder and CEO of Apprenda, which last month launched Apprenda Azure

As the name implies, Apprenda’s software will let organizations create private clouds that have the same characteristics as Windows Azure service except they run in a customer’s datacenter. Nevertheless customers can also shift workloads or create hybrid clouds that split workloads, applications and data between Windows Azure and Apprenda Azure, Sinclair said.

In concert with Microsoft’s announcement this week, Apprenda joined three other vendors — Cloud Cruiser, Derdack and ServiceMesh — to create thePrivate Cloud Solutions Suite (PCSS). All four are Microsoft ISV partners. Cloud Cruiser offers a billing and chargeback system, Derdack’s Enterprise Alert provides alerting and notification and the ServiceMesh Agility Platform is used for provisioning, governance and management of hybrid cloud applications.