The Register | July 18, 2017

Why the Kubernetes Kids can’t hurt Bezos’ Amazon beast

Kubernetes may be the hawtest thing in container orchestration, but Redmonk analyst James Governor has a different label for it: the “Anyone but Amazon” club. It’s an interesting name for a club that includes, ironically, Amazon, but as AWS continues its march to enterprise IT domination, Kubernetes increasingly looks like a rallying cry for erstwhile enemies to combine against a common foe.

Good luck with that.

…With such a goal, Kubernetes has seen rising investment from those that have most to lose from AWS. Collison believes such vendor interest will quickly lead to another OpenStack implosion. “With Kubernetes Google is trying to open source the API ecosystem to drive workloads to its cloud. What happens if that doesn’t work as Google wants? What if something else drives workloads to its cloud more effectively? Will Google still care about K8s at that point? Likely no.”

This isn’t going to happen, Apprenda executive Chris Gaun told me. “Google is not going to abandon Kubernetes. It is one of their best sellers.” If smaller companies like Apprenda have been able to cash in on Kubernetes’ popularity, Google is ringing the register even more often.