Kubernetes Blog | March 28, 2017

Kubernetes 1.6: Multi-user, Multi-workloads at Scale

Today we’re announcing the release of Kubernetes 1.6.

In this release the community’s focus is on scale and automation, to help you deploy multiple workloads to multiple users on a cluster. We are announcing that 5,000 node clusters are supported. We moved dynamic storage provisioning to stable. Role-based access control (RBAC),kubefed, kubeadm, and several scheduling features are moving to beta. We have also added intelligent defaults throughout to enable greater automation out of the box.

This release is possible thanks to our vast and open community. Together, we’ve pushed nearly 5,000 commits by some 275 authors. To bring our many advocates together, the community has launched a new program called K8sPort, an online hub where the community can participate in gamified challenges and get credit for their contributions. Read more about the program here