KubeCast | September 11, 2016

KubeCast Episode 04 – Interview With Joseph Jacks

Joseph Jacks, from Apprenda, came to London recently and we all joined together at Ivan’s house for this interview. We talked about the origins of Asynchio, Kismatic acquisition by Apprenda, the CNCF, and KubeCon.

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Joseph Jacks

Joseph Jacks

Joseph is a Senior Director at Apprenda. He is a founder of Kismatic (the enterprise Kubernetes company, now part of Apprenda) and the founder of KubeCon (the Kubernetes community conference, now owned by CNCF, where he is also a founding member). He has spent the last 10 years working in high growth technology startups with a focus on enterprise software and SOA / middleware and more recently Linux container technology.