TechTarget | May 24, 2013

Interest in Private Clouds Grows as Market Matures

Interest in private clouds has grown over the past year and there is greater sophistication in the market with more mature platforms and capabilities among IT pros.

There was a significant increase in the number of respondents to TechTarget’s Data Center and Readers’ Choice Survey 2013 who said they plan to deploy a private cloud within the next 12 months: 15.5% of the 627 total respondents said they planned a private cloud deployment in 2013, as opposed to 8.2% in 2012. Public cloud interest rose only slightly, from 4.1% to 4.5%.

Forrester Research Inc. also saw an increase in private cloud interest in one of its annual surveys. Of 1,000 enterprises in North America and Europe, 36% were interested in private cloud in 2012, while in 2013 that number jumped to 46%. That was the biggest jump in all the cloud categories in the survey; by contrast, public cloud went from 31% to 35%.

Some enterprises find the private cloud to be the best of both worlds, offering the flexibility  of the public cloud as well as the perceived security of an environment kept behind a firewall.

The relative security of public clouds remains a hot debate in the market, but for Diebold Inc., a security systems and services provider, the public cloud was not a chance worth taking, even for Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities.

“One of the reasons for choosing private cloud is the nature of the customers we deal with,” said Balaji Devarasetty, director of cloud services for Diebold, based in Canton, Ohio. “Most of our customers that we work with are financial institutions — banks and credit unions. Security is definitely top of mind for them.”

Instead, the firm deployed software from Apprenda Inc. to convert its virtualized infrastructure to an automatic-scaling PaaS for internal software developers to use. This provides a consistent environment for development teams around the world and offers metering, logging and high availability for developers’ virtual machines (VMs).