PandoDaily | November 27, 2012

In Cloud Week, Apprenda launches a platform that swings both ways: public and private

The words “Platform as a Service” should be enough to send any sentient being to sleep. But, people of the drowse, they are important ones, not least because between the four of them they account for a lot of enterprise spending.

That’s why companies like Apprenda can exist in upstate New York and raise two rounds of funding totalling $15 million without anyone really knowing who they are.

Today, Apprenda is rolling out version 4.0 of its flagship platform, which it reckons melds the best of the public and the private cloud to serve big companies that are trying to haul themselves into the new “as a service” world, while holding on to the formal structures of app development, maintenance, and security that have served them well until now.