Young Entrepreneur | October 8, 2012

How the Young Founder of Apprenda Landed $16 million from Albany, N.Y.

Sinclair Schuller launched Apprenda more than seven years ago in one of the most unlikely places: Albany, New York.

Though it may be an unlikely location, business ideas, it would seem, can come from anywhere — especially when they involve big data. Big data generally refers to technology that can quickly collect and analyize massive amounts of data that can become apps or simply serve as something of a search mechanism.

And though there are many players, the industry is downright booming — representing a several-hundred-billion-dollar opportunity, according to San Francisco-investment firm Data Collective.

For its part, Apprenda — which helps giant companies like Honeywell and Quest Software build and manage applications for the cloud — has attracted more than $16 million in venture-capital funding from High Peaks Venture Partners, Ignition Partners and New Enterprise Associates. Also, Data Collective, the fund founded by Zak Bogue (the husband of Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer) is also an investor in Apprenda.