VMblog | November 2, 2012

Four Predictions on How Private PaaS Will Reshape Cloud Computing in 2013

1.       Hybrid Cloud Will Move from the IaaS Layer to the PaaS Layer – It’s quite clear that in enterprise IT, hybrid cloud will be the end state rather than everything being all public or all private. To date, hybrid cloud discussions have been focused on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). As a practical matter, whether a workload should be run on a private cloud or on a public cloud requires a sophisticated understand of the business requirements, the architecture of the application in question, and the dependencies that application may have. IaaS is not “close enough” to the application to understand this level of detail, and makes a poor vehicle for delivering on a hybrid cloud vision. Practitioners are starting to realize this. In 2013, these practitioners will look to their PaaS layers for the necessary capabilities to pool public and private resources together, and to manage workloads across the boundary. PaaS layers have a much more intimate relationship with application workloads and can extract the knowledge necessary to properly deliver efficient, application-centric private cloud.