Wired Magazine | March 20, 2013

Difficulties Facing Enterprise Mobile Strategies

Let’s cut through the chatter about mobile enterprise strategies and talk about what these enterprises are really up against. An enterprise mobile strategy requires setting up an on-premises common back end system for getting the hundreds of applications and thousands of workflows that they want to expose to thousands – or even millions – of customers, partners and internal employees via mobile devices.

Most mobile applications connect to one or more server-side web service APIs that expose the business logic and data the mobile app needs.

When we talk to our early adopting Platform-as-a-Service customers, we hear that they don’t care about what type of mobile device is accessing their server side services and that the client side has little impact on strategy. The real need is a common platform – a shred services ecosystem – for handling all that challenges associated with a mobile strategy.

Enterprise mobile development strategies create a very specific set of challenges that dictate a specific set of characteristics that are expected of enterprise mobile back- end systems.