Network World | September 24, 2012

Apprenda Wants You to Build Your Apps for the Cloud … for Free

Continuing on a theme of cloud vendors offering free or low-cost versions of their offerings, private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company Apprenda this week launched a freemium “express” version of its application development service.

But one cloud expert says Apprenda’s move highlights a larger theme within the application development community around giving new applications cloud-like features while still building them behind your company’s firewall — hence the term private PaaS.

The PaaS market is the smallest of the three major cloud computing platforms compared to software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), but Gartner PaaS analyst Richard Watson says it’s basically broken down into two camps. The first are platforms that allow developers to take traditional applications and give them cloud characteristics. Watson calls these applications “earthborn-migrants,” because the application is being redesigned to run in the cloud.