Credii | January 30, 2014

Apprenda unveils a platform update; Introduces dynamic scaling with Apprenda 5.0

Apprenda, the enterprise-focused PaaS company, has just announced a significant update to its platform, bringing dynamic scaling and better portability to app developers. The first PaaS platform for .NET apps and one of the first to offer private cloud hosting, the company had extended its platform early last year to support Java applications as well.

Unlike most other PaaS platforms, Apprenda is focused on becoming the go-to platform for enterprise application developers. With this new release, that commitment is reinforced as developers get goodies on multiple fronts – shiny new portal UI, simple rule-based system for application bootstrapping, better configuration filtering and most importantly, ability to dynamically scale instances up to a set maximum.

In Apprenda 5.0, simple rules can be authored to bootstrap applications with necessary services across different deployments like development, test, staging or production (for instance, developers can create a policy to use a load monitoring service in test and production deployments only). Developers can also define rules to dynamically scale instances based on performance thresholds, and define a maximum and minimum range for each component (app server, database etc) to make sure that budget and SLAs are both balanced. Infrastructure portability gets a boost with the new configuration filtering policies eliminating hard-coded infrastructure settings like IP addresses, which are dynamically injected instead.

By rolling out the most comprehensive platform update since extending the platform to support Java, Apprenda has moved that much closer to becoming the best enterprise PaaS platform in the market.

Tidbit: Apprenda’s SaaSGrid was one of the first platforms to provide .NET developers the ability to automatically convert their legacy single-tenant codebase into a single-instance multi-tenant SaaS codebase.