GigaOm | September 17, 2012

Apprenda seeks to make private PaaS more practical

Many corporate developers have tried a platform as a service — Heroku, Engine Yard, Cloud Foundry— to develop and test applications. But when it comes time to deploy those applications, it’s hard to get their companies to approve running those applications on PaaSes that themselves run atop Amazon Web Services or other public cloud infrastructure.

One reason for that reluctance is that IT pros are acutely aware that outages at Amazon have impacted Heroku and other PaaS providers . But nonetheless, developers have whet their appetite working on these public platforms and now want to keep working with them but in a way that is palatable to their bosses, says Sinclair Schuller, CEO of Apprenda, the maker of  a .Net-specific PaaS.

To help developers make that jump, the Clifton Park, NY-based vendor now offers a new free public PaaS instance called they can experiment with and then bring in-house to run on IT-approved infrastructure.