Press Release | August 18, 2009

Apprenda Provides Microsoft BizSpark ISVs with a Firm Foundation

ALBANY, NY —  Apprenda announced today that software startups in the Microsoft BizSpark program are already seeing great success by leveraging Apprenda to build and commercialize their .NET Software + Services applications. Apprenda was selected as a BizSpark network partner in June, and their impact on the startups already leveraging Apprenda has been unprecedented.

One such company is Appoint IT, a Minneapolis based software-as-a-service (SaaS) company targeting the healthcare and services market with a unique appointment scheduling solution. By leveraging Apprenda and one of Apprenda’s implementation partners, Scio Consulting, Appoint IT was able to go from idea to real customers in under 6 months.

We couldn’t have done this without Apprenda, not in this short a time,” said Nate Rowe, CEO at Appoint IT. “Not only did we get to market much more quickly than we had ever dreamed, we’re light years ahead of where we would have been with regards to the maturity of our architecture and business because of Apprenda.

Another Microsoft BizSpark startup, UVision Consulting is leveraging Apprenda to build a next generation non-profit & volunteer management solution designed to connect prospective volunteers with organizational causes by leveraging the social web.

Using Apprenda was the smartest move we made as we began building our next generation offering, ” said Omar Uddin, CEO at UVision Consulting. “It lets us focus on the innovations in our products to help organizations lead the drive to change in their mission. Apprenda lets us do what we are great at.”

Apprenda SaaS Application Server is proving to be the best way for software companies to bring their .NET based applications to market as fully commercialized multitenant SaaS offerings, complete with all of the critical SaaS specific business systems and tools needed to operate a successful SaaS business. Things like the out of the box multi-tenancy, the application billing system, provisioning system, full application lifecycle management system, and much more are all provided by Apprenda.

“We’re always happy to see companies achieving success with Apprenda, ” said Jesse Kliza, Director of Business Development at Apprenda. “The BizSpark program continues to be a wonderful program for startups and we’re glad to have made the impact we’ve been able to make thus far. ”

About Apprenda

Apprenda is the creator of Apprenda, a powerful SaaS Application Server that eliminates the difficulties of building and delivering Software as a Service. Apprenda greatly reduces the barrier to entry for SaaS by smashing significant technical hurdles like multi-tenancy and grid scalability, while at the same time providing “out of the box” application services like metering and monetization, billing and subscriber management, and much more. This leaves developers with one job: to build on-demand software that meets customers’ needs without worrying about the difficulties of on-demand delivery.

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