OStatic | December 24, 2014

Apprenda and Piston Partner on OpenStack PaaS Solutions

Now that many enterprises are actually moving forward with OpenStack deployments, they are also wrestling with the complexities of putting applications and appropriate services on their cloud platforms. The last days of 2014 have brought news of some interesting choices becoming available for OpenStack deployments.

A few days ago, Google announced the SDK for its Cloud Dataflow tool that analyzes pipelines with “arbitrarily large datasets.” It’s billed as a MapReduce killer, and is part of a set of cloud services that Google is opening up. Meanwhile, Apprenda, a player in enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS), announced that it has partnered with Piston Cloud Computing to deliver a solution that enables software development teams to build Java and .NET cloud applications and microservices faster in hybrid cloud environments.

Apprenda’s enterprise PaaS solution is built to ease app and microservices development. In the new partnership, Piston provides infrastructure, while Apprenda provides a software layer for a policy-driven, hybrid cloud application platform.

“Apprenda’s integration with Piston allows developers to have policy based access to OpenStack APIs to quickly manage infrastructure,” Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuller said.

Additionally, Piston’s web-scale infrastructure solution can allow Apprenda’s customers to deploy a scalable, secure private cloud environment in a single day, according to Apprenda officials. “Once you have set up an Apprenda and Piston environment, developers can quickly and easily build new—or modernize existing—on-premise applications for SaaS-based consumption,” the announcement states. “This flexibility allows for rapid updates to web software and scalable configurations that simplify the pre-cloud setup process.”

“From day one, Piston set out to build a product that would eliminate the complexity associated with managing and deploying a traditional on-premise environment,” Piston CEO Jim Morrisroe said.  “And together with Apprenda, we provide customers additional freedom from datacenter complexity by delivering a scalable turn-key IaaS and PaaS solution, out of the box.”