CIO Review | May 12, 2014

Apprenda PaaS Joins Hands With Microsoft Azure IaaS To Create Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures

TROY, NY: Apprenda, announced its partnership with Microsoft where its customers will receive a licence to take advantage of Microsoft Azure’s IaaS solution. This announcement facilitates the creation of hybrid cloud infrastructures by encouraging its customers to consider Azure to power the infrastructure that undergirds its PaaS infrastructure.Customers who purchase Apprenda, now have access to a “fully configured Azure infrastructure footprint out-of-the-box at no additional cost”, they can consider use cases for collaborations between private and public clouds that synergistically enhance the offerings of both infrastructures. This collaboration delivers a hybrid cloud infrastructure that empowers enterprises to use the computational power and scalability of the Azure public cloud in conjunction with Apprenda’s support for application development, enterprise policies and procedures and enterprise-grade security and monitoring tools.

Microsoft customers will now have access to an enterprise-grade private Platform as a Service, while Apprenda customers benefit from its positioning as a complement to one of the world’s leading public cloud infrastructures.

Given the centrality of Azure, the deal represents a partnership for Apprenda as it positions itself as a lynchpin for the creation of hybrid cloud infrastructures in contrast to a pure private PaaS player.

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