Talkin' Cloud | October 7, 2014

Apprenda PaaS 5.5 Update to Support JBoss, Tomcat 7, JMX

Apprenda has updated its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering to include support for JBoss, Tomcat 7 and JMX. The company also added integration for Microsoft Azure Pack and the ability to run a single node on Windows 8.

Enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider Apprenda has expanded its Java capabilities by announcing support for JBoss, Tomcat 7 and JMX in its 5.5 release.

According to Apprenda, enterprise developers want a single pane of glass for .NET and Java application servers to speed time to market of applications. The company noted that more than 85 percent of enterprise applications (Apprenda did not provide a source for its figure) will be developed in .NET and Java for the “foreseeable future,” and it’s betting on its private PaaS to provide the development playground developers want with the addition of more Java capabilities.

“Our expanded Tomcat and new JBoss support extends Apprenda’s reach and value among enterprise application developers,” said Rakesh Malhotra, VP of Products at Apprenda, in a prepared statement. “This isn’t a plug-in with lowest common denominator functionality. It’s native, deep integration designed and tested to take advantage of built-in performance, diagnostic and security features available within these platforms.”

Additional support for Java application development is the biggest element of the Apprenda PaaS 5.5 release, but the company also included a few other updates and additions, including:

  • Apprenda PaaS can now be deployed on a single node of Windows 8 without compromising OS or platform features. The company called it an “ultra-compact” installation of Apprenda, which allows for off-network development.
  • The 5.5 release also enables customers to fuel Apprenda with virtual machines through Windows Azure Pack. One of the big advantages, according to the company, is that hybrid users can use the PaaS to more easily migrate Java and .NET applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

For Apprenda’s newly formed OneCloud Alliance partner community, the new additions could mean accelerated application development, but specific to Microsoft partners, it also means a potentially easier and faster way to migrate apps to Azure.