Albany Business Review | October 1, 2013

Apprenda looking to hire after landing five Fortune 500 customers

Apprenda is preparing to double its workforce in Clifton Park, NY after signing five new “JP Morgan size” customers, said Abraham Sultan, the company’s vice president of engineering.

The software developer landed JP Morgan Chase as its largest customer in January. Since then, Apprenda added Fortune 500 customers in the banking, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

“Since January we gained four or five similar sized customers,” Sultan said. “We ended up focusing on New York City because that was where the business was coming from.”

The names of the customers could not be disclosed due to security reasons. Sultan said Apprenda also is in discussions with 15 of the top 20 banks in the world that could become future customers.

Although most of Apprenda’s clients are located in the New York City area, the bulk of the company’s operations are in Clifton Park. That allows Apprenda to expand its space and staff in the region.

Apprenda writes code that allows companies to run computer applications, such as an ATM withdrawl.

“Part of what we want to do is grow quicker as the market is becoming a little bit more mature,” Sultan said. “There will be other bigger players trying to come and compete on the same turf and we want to be well-equipped to do that.”

Apprenda will expand its 5,000-sqaure-foot office space to 8,500 square feet by the end of the month. The company has 30 employees in Clifton Park and plans to double that number by the end of next year. Apprenda is searching for candidates with strong computer science and math skills.

“When you are a start-up like us and have to support these huge enterprise customers, you have to have the resources,” said Matt Ammerman, Apprenda’s vice president of client services.

Apprenda also plans to expand its sales team in New York City.

Ammerman said he is turning to the region’s colleges to hire recent graduates. On his list to visit are Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, Siena College in Loudonville, and the University at Albany.