Diversity Limited | November 27, 2012

Apprenda launches hybrid cloud support

Today is the first day of the Cloudbeat conference, an event that myself and Paul Miller have, for the second year, built the agenda for. CloudBeat is all about customer case studies and not about vendor announcements, that said I am aware of a couple of announcements coming up today in the PaaS space. Some of these announcements speak to the blossoming of PaaS and the building out of the critical features that PaaS customers needs.

Apprenda is today announcing the new version of its Paas service. Apprenda is kind of the PaaS whipping boy – their focus on providing very deep single language solutions goes against the current polyglot orthodoxy. As such they’re having to spend lots of time justifying their perspective, which is kind of a shame since what they do, they do really well.