ZDNet | June 2, 2010

SaaSGrid Express: Irresponsible or Indispensable?

SaaS purists like me ought to worry about a product like SaaSGrid Express, launched this week by .NET platform-as-a-service specialist Apprenda. Surely it’s the height of irresponsibility to disseminate a free, downloadable SaaS application platform? This gives the worst imaginable encouragement to hundreds if not thousands of unskilled, poorly resourced developers to set up the worst possible kind of amateur cloud implementations, with predictably calamitous results, both for the customers and for the reputation of the wider industry.

And yet, I can’t bring myself to condemn it. These ISVs are going to do their own thing anyway. By making its product a free download, Apprenda is giving them a means of playing around and starting to learn the skills they need without the pressure of having to fund license fees or a monthly subscription. And by downloading what is by all accounts a properly architected SaaS platform, at least they’ll be learning from an example of best practice. Perhaps they’ll realize more quickly how hopeless it would be to try to engineer all of their own as-a-service infrastructure from scratch. Apprenda has hosting partners, too, so once an ISV is ready to go into production, there’s no obligation to build and manage their own infrastructure — there are third-party alternatives available that can provide a robust, ready-made operational instance of the Apprenda platform.

As Apprenda’s CEO Sinclair Schiller explained to me last month in a pre-briefing, the overriding aim of the Express product is to galvanize more small to mid-size ISVs into taking the plunge into SaaS. “How can we catalyze more to convert to SaaS?” he asked. “There’s an honest-to-goodness need to get the market moving.”