CBPN | March 18, 2017

Apprenda – Cloud Native Transformation With Kubernetes

Apprenda offers a software platform for accelerating enterprise software development, through an Enterprise PaaS and Container Management capability.

Apprenda is especially noteworthy when considering the Kubernetes CaaS scenario – Containers as a Service.

Apprenda offers Kubernetes cluster implementation and support packages, for service scenarios such as Google, AWS, IBM or in-house.

Specializing in container implementation including Docker as well, Apprenda offers a whole Enterprise PaaS, with component parts bringing deep domain expertise in these areas, notably through their Kismatic acquisition., integrating it with their own architecture as described in this announcement.

Apprenda offers what they describe as an ‘Enterprise PaaS‘, providing a ‘container’ technology for Linux and Windows servers that abstracts software developers from the underlying Cloud environment, providing them APIs to make use of the functionality, such as auto-scaling, without being bound to that platform. They’re similar to Virtual Machines but don’t require a guest OS.

Apprenda offers a catalogue of common PaaS components for accelerating software development and modernizing your existing apps for the Cloud, and this initiative is intended to link a deployment path to Kubernetes, so that this can accelerate microservices. As they describe:

“This should provide Apprenda PaaS customers with the ability to build and launch microservices-based applications and then run those apps in the cloud.”

Among their many white paper resources, here is a short list to check out:


With a Microsoft focus, you can learn about their compatibility with the MS platforms here.