FierceDevOps | April 30, 2015

Apprenda claims a first as it integrates Docker into its PaaS

Apprenda released the 6.0 version of its platform-as-a-service with new support for both Docker containers and IBM’s WebSphere Application Server, as well as support for OAuth2. The company is also claiming to be the first to integrate Docker into a commercially-supported PaaS offering.

According to the company, many of its customers are currently testing the waters with Docker, and Apprenda executives are clearly hoping those pilot projects will now be shifted over to the Apprenda PaaS.

The real message here is expanded compatibility. In a prepared statement, Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuller said, “With Docker and WebSphere support, our 6.0 release makes it clear that Apprenda is the most compatible Enterprise PaaS on the market and the only one that makes Docker safe and secure in enterprise deployments.”

Now generally available, Apprenda 6.0 includes a variety of new and updated features, including:
  • The aforementioned support for Docker adds policy, governance and controls over the popular containerization technology on the Apprenda PaaS. And the company noted the Docker integration provides developers with the ability to build and deploy a wider range of applications. With interested in developing apps to run on containers, particularly multiple containers, this is going to be huge for Apprenda’s customer base.

  • Also as noted, above, version 6.0 offers support for IBM WebSphere Application Server, another application tool being used by some enterprises.

  • The addition of OAuth2 means third-party API management tool integration for authentication purposes.

  • Enhancements to log management and improved support for JMX application monitoring.

  • And finally, Apprenda now supports a broader ecosystem of cloud offerings, providing customers with connections points directly to NetApp, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, New Relic and CloudMine.