SearchCloudApplications | June 1, 2012

Apprenda CEO discusses state of PaaS

Adam: Hi, I’m Adam Riglian. I’m with I’m here with Sinclair Schuller, the CEO of Apprenda, and we’re going to be discussing platform as a service today.

I’m looking at some of the information you sent me. We’re talking about the PaaS landscape and how things are looking ahead in the future. I noticed you like to bring up the Gartner’s forecast that the market will reach $1.8 billion by 2015. What’s going to change, from a technology perspective, from here to then that will aid that sort of growth?

Sinclair: It’s a couple of components. One is that we’re starting to see more major platform vendors getting involved in PaaS, which is a good thing for everybody, right? A lot of people say that big vendors are going to be competitive to these start-ups that have built these brilliant businesses. It’s true, but I think it also up-levels the message for everybody, so that the more customers understand what’s going on with PaaS, what it is. That’s something that’s typically only funded by big dollars coming from big vendors. I think the overall up-leveling of PaaS in the market happens. When that happens, I think what you’ll see is customers being more aggressive about purchasing habits and being more scrutinizing about the technology they’re going to evaluate.