JAXenter | February 28, 2013

Apprenda bolsters private PaaS with arrival of “first class” Java support

There’s generally two schools of thought to a cloud platform. The bigger and already established fish, like VMware and Red Hat go polyglot and offer support to a variety of languages. Smaller companies looking to make headway in the fiercely competitive field tend to opt for a single language approach, perfecting their specialized platform before branching out further.

New York startup Apprenda have gone down the second route, with a privately-hosted PaaS running exclusively .NET – until now. CEO Sinclair Schuller has previously been a strong advocate of the solitary language PaaS, stating that being a jack of all trades “doesn’t work” when the languages are all so different. But with this week’s adoption of Java, it appears Schuller has changed his mind.

Not so, Schuller explains in an interview which appears on the company website: the plan all along was to support Java, once they had honed in support in the under-served .NET market. Schuller believes that 90% of their customers’ apps “are written either in .NET or Java” so it seemed natural to “offer best in class” for the language.