Press Release | February 9, 2010

Apprenda Announces Availability of the World’s first SaaS-Enabling API for Silverlight

CLIFTON PARK, NY –- Apprenda, creator of Apprenda, the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) application server, today announces the availability of a Apprenda API for Microsoft® Silverlight. Apprenda’s Apprenda now provides native support for Silverlight-based applications to be deployed in a zero effort fashion as a component of fully commercialized, multi-tenant SaaS offerings.

Silverlight’s development platform creates engaging, interactive user experiences for Web, desktop and mobile applications. Software companies can now leverage Apprenda to deliver a single instance of their Silverlight application to all of their customers, while having granular control over the individual customer experiences across every user interface.

“Apprenda gives Microsoft-based developers, established ISVs and startups the ability to focus on application functionality, design and other elements versus the technical and business hurdles associated with mature SaaS delivery,” said Sinclair Schuller, CEO of Apprenda. “Today’s announcement expands Apprenda’s capabilities to offer the same “out of the box” value to those building with the Silverlight platform that it has to companies who have leveraged the more traditional parts of the .NET stack.”

With Apprenda, Silverlight is deployed in a tenant aware fashion so that a end user’s Silverlight experience can be seamlessly merged with a multi-tenant SaaS backend.  This means that while end-users are accessing the Silverlight application, Apprenda automatically ensures proper data isolation, feature and subscription access, and more, even from their desktop client.

Apprenda is Apprenda’s general-purpose software as a service application server for ISVs and internal IT departments. Apprenda provides standard SaaS architecture requirements such as multi-tenancy, scalability, automatic provisioning, allowing developers to focus on building function-rich, on-demand enterprise applications.
About Apprenda

Apprenda is the creator of Apprenda, a powerful SaaS Application Server that eliminates the difficulties of building and delivering Software as a Service. Apprenda greatly reduces the barrier to entry for SaaS by overcoming significant technical hurdles like multi-tenancy and grid scalability, while at the same time providing “out of the box” application services like metering and monetization, billing and subscriber management, and much more. This leaves developers with one job: to build on-demand software that meets customers’ needs without worrying about the difficulties of on-demand software architecture.

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