TalkCloud Computing | March 3, 2013

Apprenda Adds Java To Its Existing Platform

Apprenda, an online platform provider for software development applications in .Net framework announced an addition of Java support to its PaaS (Platform-as-a-service). Apprenda technology offers quick and infrastructure-free development of applications, easing the job of a developer like Heroku, Engine Yard and Cloud Factory.

Earlier, Apprenda could only be used for applications developed in Microsoft .Net framework, but now, developers can use it for development of Java applications as the company has publicized its support for Java language.

When other companies were planning to invest in new frameworks or languages, Apprenda always stuck to .Net Framework and refused to try anything except .Net. According to Apprenda’s CEO, Sinclair Schuller, “You can’t just build this once and then make it work for different languages; you can’t make that a horizontal function”. However, the company had to revise its decision when many customers asked for Java, says Schuller.