VentureBeat | February 27, 2013

Apprenda adds Java as a second language, will ‘support 90%’ of enterprise PaaS needs

Private platform-as-a-service provider Apprenda is one the strangest players in the quickly growing PaaS space. Not only is the company headquartered in Albany, N.Y., but to date it has only supported one language — .NET — while other PaaS vendors tout support for many.

Apprenda’s big sell is that specifically is looking to help developers in the enterprise. Devs that are working for banks, insurance companies, and health care organizations have a lot of constraints and compliance hoops they must jump through, but Apprenda wants to be there to speed up the amount of time it takes to develop and deploy an app. Until now, it has only served developers building .NET apps.

But today, Apprenda is finally jumping in with a second language by supporting Java. In doing so, the company claims it will support “90 percent” of enterprise app development that would be in use on a PaaS.