FierceDevOps | March 3, 2016

Apprenda adds cloud native capabilities as it begins Kubernetes integration

Apprenda is embarking on a journey toward fully embracing Kubernetes as part of its private platform as a service. The vendor plans to integrate Kubernetes with its own architecture over the next product releases, according to a blog post written by CEO Sinclair Schuller.

The integration is just beginning, but Schuller noted Apprenda has joined the Kubernetes community and will use the container orchestration tool to extend its cloud-native capabilities.

“Absorbing the Kubernetes architecture into our existing stack is a natural technology decision for us. At a technical level, we’re integrating Apprenda’s existing cluster management stack and operational suite with Kubernetes,” Schuller wrote.

The goal is to integrate Kubernetes over the next few months to expand Apprenda’s PaaS capabilities while also keeping it from disrupting its technology and customers. Schuller noted that Apprenda will continue to offer Windows and Linux capabilities. The company also plans to continue making investments in Windows Nanoserver and Hyper-V.

The addition of Kubernetes will extend Apprenda’s PaaS into the cloud. Schuller promised the user experience will be the same, but Apprenda will have new cloud-native application capabilities, as well as provide container orchestration and management capabilities that aren’t currently available on the company’s PaaS.

This should provide Apprenda PaaS customers with the ability to build and launch microservices-based applications and then run those apps in the cloud.

For the Kubernetes community, it appears Apprenda could in time become an important contributor. As noted by MarTech Advisor, most of the key contributions currently come from Google and Red Hat. Apprenda plans to dedicate some of its programming talent to Kubernetes.