Press Release | March 7, 2017

Apprenda Achieves Google Cloud Partner Specialization in Infrastructure

TROY, N.Y., March 7, 2017 / — Apprenda, a leading provider of cloud-native technologies for the enterprise, has achieved the Google Cloud Partner Specialization in Infrastructure. Apprenda’s Kubernetes service offerings include trainings, services and ongoing support for Google Container Engine (GKE) as well as enterprise Kubernetes initiatives. Apprenda’s offerings focus on large, Global 2000 organizations that are required to integrate with existing enterprise systems in a secure, and often highly regulated, environment.   

Kubernetes is the open source standard for managing application containers from local to global scales. As a member of the Google Cloud Partner Specialization program, Apprenda is recognized for its ability to efficiently design GKE and multi-cloud Kubernetes production environments for cloud native projects and existing application migrations.

“Enterprise Kubernetes demands security, compliance and painless enablement of integrations with existing IT systems needed to run the business,” said Sinclair Schuller, CEO of Apprenda. “Apprenda’s services for Kubernetes and GKE help ensure enterprise organizations can accelerate their enterprise container efforts.”

The Apprenda Kubernetes services joining the Google Cloud Partner Specialization in Infrastructure program are designed to accelerate secure Kubernetes projects using three tenets:


  • LEARN: Trainings to ensure technical professionals can manage the cluster and developers know Kubernetes and GKE architectures.
  • IMPLEMENT: Go from using Docker on workstations to implementing Kubernetes container orchestration on mission critical workloads.
  • SUPPORT: Receive ongoing support for your Kubernetes / GKE cluster and the integration work delivered by Apprenda.   


About Apprenda
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