eWeek | January 6, 2012

Apprenda 3.0 Brings Private PaaS to .NET Developers

The corner of cloud computing known as platform as a service has been heating up over the past year, with new products and projects coming online that are aimed at abstracting away application deployment details and enabling developers to focus primarily on their code.

Early on, most platform as a service (PaaS) options have favored languages such as Java and Python, paired with largely open-source application stacks. With the exception of Microsoft’s own Azure service, most of the PaaS focus has been aimed away from Microsoft’s .NET framework and its corresponding stack.

Recently, however, this situation has been changing, with the emergence of .NET-targeted options such as Apprenda Inc.’s Apprenda 3.0, which enables organizations to deploy their own .NET PaaS atop the Microsoft Web application stack.